FREE 5 Session Programme

I wanted to give away 5 free sessions of a variety of workouts and skills all of which can be performed at home. Some of the exercises do require a bit of weight but if you don’t own a dumbbell/kettlebell you can easily get creative filling up some water bottles etc. The programmes that I design for my online and PT clients each week are personalised and progressive depending on their goals. This is just a taster of what some of my sessions may look like as well as some workout ideas for anyone interested in designing their own!


Make sure you are warmed up ready to go before each session, getting your heart rate up first followed by some dynamic stretching. I hope the videos are useful and as always any questions feel free to drop me a message via my Instagram! @ajfitness__


Session 1

Click for video demos

3 Rounds:

12 x DB Row + Kickback (L)

12 x DB Row + Kickback (R)

30 seconds: Tricep Extensions


3 Rounds:

12 x Kneeling Arnie Press (L)

12 x Kneeling Arnie Press (R)

30 Seconds: Box HSPUs*


*See video for scale. This exercise can either be done with feet or knees on a step/box.



4 Rounds:

40 seconds on 20 seconds off:

1) DB Swings*

2) Tricep Dips

3) Shoulder Taps

4) Push Ups


*Alternate arms each round

Session 2

Click here for video demos

3 x 30 seconds of:

Set 1

  • Tempo squats
  • Squat Pulses
  • Squat Hold
  • Rest

3 x 30 seconds of

Set 2

  • Squat jumps side to side
  • Squat Step ups
  • Squat walks
  • Rest

3 x 30 seconds of

Set 3

  • Jumping Lunges
  • Curtsey lunge
  • Lunge pulses*
  • Rest


*Swap legs half way

Rest 1-2 minutes between each set


Session 3


Click here for video demos



3 x

30 seconds on 15 seconds off:

  1. Twisting crunches
  2. Weight to knee reverse crunch
  3. Alternating lower leg lifts
  4. Weighted sit ups
  5. Toe Touches

30 seconds rest

*Swap sides half way


3 x

30 seconds on 15 seconds off:

  1. Single leg hip thrust (L)
  2. Single leg hip thrust (R)
  3. Hip Thrust Hold
  4. Glute bridge marches
  5. Glute bridge step outs

30 seconds rest

Session 4

Click here for video demos

3 Rounds:

45 seconds on 15 seconds off

Plank squat thrust + step up

Hand release burpee

Squat + double jump

Press up + turn

Reverse burpee + Sit up


1 min rest between rounds

Session 5

IMG_7788Click here for video demos

Skill – Push Ups


2-3 rounds:

6 Negatives

20 seconds Isometric hold bottom

30 seconds Isometric hold top

8-10 Push ups on feet at achievable level*


This can be with hands on a wall or bench as long as you can make 8-10 reps on your feet keeping your core stable.



10 Minute Amrap:

10 Burpees

20 Sit ups

30 Air Squats


Within a 10 minute time frame, get through as many rounds as possible with no rest. As soon as you finish the 30 air squats that is a 1 round, go back to the burpees and start again.


Let me know how you get on!

Enjoy 🙂

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